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Mikhail Olenev - Back to Reality

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QED - ‘quod erat demonstrandum’  –  ‘that which had to be shown’. The policies and beliefs of political factions of the first half of the 20th. century now lie in ruins. We are left with the relics of these discredited philosophies. The art, architecture and music have outlived the systems that tried to control them.Read more

It had to be shown – QED.

Moments in history are documented by papers, journals and books. The rise of digital media signifies the decline of paper-based historical and cultural items. This site brings you opportunities to read about, browse and purchase authentic, verified and (where applicable) translated rare publications, documents, graphics, news media and artworks from the beginning of the 20th Century to the end of the Cold War. Our aim is to explain the political and historical context in which Soviet creative thought and expression existed. We are very careful about the provenance of each piece. A translation of significant written content and notes setting the wider historical context are included with each unique article.


Anyone with an interest in the artwork, typography, history, politics and sociology of the period will find something both  to engage the intellect and amuse the eye.

We stock:  Soviet magazines such as Prozhektor, Rabis, Bezbozhnik, Ogonek and Stroitelstvo Moskvi from the 1920s and 1930s:  USSR propaganda posters:  Soviet newspapers; Pravda, Kommunar and Bednota from the civil war period:  Magazines and interesting works from Romania, Germany, France and the UK.