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More about Prishvin from the Prishvin Museum, Russia

Last year our very first blog post was about the charming and significant Russian author, Mikhail Prishvin.  It was something of an introduction for people who are unfamiliar with him and his work.

We are delighted to have received the following letter from Yana at the Prishvin Museum, which is outside Moscow: 

PrishvinDear friends!
I work at the Prishvin Museum. And we are publishing his Diary – even finishing doing this. I was happy to read your blog-post devoted to Prishvin, actually. I’m not surprised that you feel confused trying to understand why Prishvin’s Diary “did not cause any persecution”. You see, it was secret. Not a single person knew what kind of diary he kept. You are mistaken, saying that “In 1940 the Writer’s Union took interest in the publication of his diaries”. It wasn’t this. In 1940 he lived alone (he parted from his wife in 1937) and was at a complete loss not knowing what to do with his “notebooks”- he didn’t have anyone to trust. He started to look for a secretary – you can’t imagine how well he awaked to his risks – but he couldn’t help writing. One of his… let it be friends – recommended Valeria Lebedeva… We only started to publish his literary heritage in 1991 after censorship had been abolished in the country.

We have invited Yana to contribute to this blog in the future – so do check back for news or subscribe to see all our regular updates.

In the meantime, please visit the website of the Prishvin Museum  (the flash version of the site contains some atmospheric bird sounds, whilst the html version is silent.)  

The photographs pertaining to this blog post are courtesy of the Prishvin Museum.

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