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The New Viewer – Новый Зритель – 1924




Historical significance

No.31 1924

Complete – 20 Pages

Classic Avant-Garde Cover

Revolutionary Theatre

Threat of the cinema

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Novi Zritel and Revolutionary Theatre

This magazine was aimed initially at the theatre audiences of post-Civil War Russia.  It was published from 1924 to 1929 and then merged with ‘Sovremenni Teatr’ – ‘Contemporary Theatre’.  Its early editions, such as this, reflected the peak of Russian Avant-Gardism.  There are only a few copies surviving.

Led Astray

The leading article of this edition of ‘The New Viewer’ is entitled ‘Led Astray’ and opens with a not untypical attack on the Russian people by their self-proclaimed ‘revolutionary’ superiors.

Led Astray

Led Astray

The general feature is longing for the entirely absent or scarcely developed (depending on the temperament and ideology of the author) revolutionary art.  The reasons for this sad situation are being sought. Some blame the petty bourgeois narrow-minded audience which under strict self-financing of theatrical enterprises and state subsidies defines by its demand the contents and directions of the theatrical work.

The Illness of the Cinema

The magazine discusses the threat of the cinema on the development of the theatre and criticises in a somewhat risky way:

Cinema – The pet fate and favourite of the public

Cinema- The legal offspring of the urban culture and the 20th. Century

Cinema – The inheritor of the theatre and its gravestone

Cinema – The promised land, to where all the theatre workers are running

Cinema – A weapon of agitprop and means of linking the cities with the villages


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