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Books and Defence USSR – Книга и Оборона СССР (from Red Army Archive) – 1932




Historical significance

Back Cover - advert for the journal 'Armaments and Technology'

Back Cover – advert for the journal ‘Armaments and Technology’

Nos. 5-6, March 1932

Complete, 48 pages

Stamped from Red Army Archive

Avant-Garde cover

Battle against Trotskyites

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Books and Defence – Red Army Archive copy

This piece comes from the archive of the Red Army.  It contains two stamps that verify this:

Inside back cover - similar stamp

Inside back cover – similar stamp

Frontispiece stamp - 'Arkhiv Kr. Armii' 1946

Frontispiece stamp – ‘Arkhiv Kr. Armii’ 1946








Cover Design

The cover is an attractive avant-garde design, with the typical red and black colours, unusual typefaces and a layout that emphasises the content rather than the artwork itself.  It is direct, communicative and catches the eye.  It is a satisfying and rare piece.

In the Military Section of the Komakademia

The following article appears, referring to the ‘Komakademia’.  This was the Communist Academy of the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR:

Komakademiya given some important tasks

Komakademiya given some important tasks

Comrade Stalin wrote a letter to the paper ‘Proletarian Revolution’ setting  the military section of the Komakademia the  task of decisively intensifying the struggle against Trotskyite-Contrabanders and all opportunistic perverts on the military-scientific front, and the struggle for Party-mindedness in all branches of military science on the basis of the strengthening of the development of the theories of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin concerning war and military matters.

For the military section, this must be a year of creative development of military-scientific work and the establishment of  genuine Bolshevik labour in the military sphere, and the final liquidation of the remains of theories of the enemies of the proletariat.

Quote from Lenin – inside cover – avant-garde typesetting

Be alert!

Be alert!

Comrades, be on the alert

Look after the military readiness

Of our country

And of our Red Army

Like your own eyes

V. I. Lenin


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Dimensions 15.5 x 23 cm