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The Knowledge Bulletin – Вестник Знания 1927




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No.5, 1927

Complete, 32 pages

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Clothes, Nudity and Shame


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The Knowledge Bulletin

This journal was published every two weeks.  It was started in 1903 and lasted until 1918, then re-appeared under Soviet ownership in 1922 until 1930.  Its editor from 1922 to 1928 was the famous Russian psychologist and neurologist, Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev.  Bekhterev was a leading Leningrad intellectual, and many of his discoveries and observations were named after him.  He died in 1928 in highly dubious circumstances, whilst away in Moscow on a conference.  If you wish to learn more about that incident, please look here.

The next editor was Sergei Fyodrovich Platonov, another prominent member of the Leningrad intelligentsia.  His editorship ceased in 1930, when he was arrested and imprisoned for ‘active anti-Soviet activity and participation in a counter-revolutionary organisation’.

The Knowledge Bulletin was an easy-to-read, popular science and cultural digest.


This is contemplative and full of the wonder of knowledge.  It is inspiring, putting the classical stargazer in a modern context as he looks up to the sky and sees ‘Vestnik Znaniya’ written there.


vest3_0001Perspectives of Forthcoming Scientific Achievements:

- Physics

- Mining, Metallurgy and Power

- Aviation and Flying

Blood of Different Peoples of the World

Is the World Eternal?

The Origins of Clothes – Nudity and Shame

The Past and Present of the Textile Industry

Overseas Literature

S. O. Gruzenberg – 25 years of Public Service

From Science into Life:

Nature Reserve in Primorye, Mechanisation of earth-working, The Russian Typewriter

Living Connection:

Self-preparation for Literary History, Medical Questions and Advice

Clothes, Nudity and Shame

vest5_0001Tracing the development of clothing from the earlies times when primitive humans used animal skins to protect themselves during the ice age.  It contains a drawing of  Polynesian women wearing what is without doubt the earliest representation of bikini bottoms.

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