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Historical significance

No. 17 23/04/1929

Cover:  The Yakutsk State National Theatre Troop.

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‘Subscribe, Comrades!’

The rapid construction of Moscow requires not only blocks of flats, factories, schools and hospitals, but also theatres and cinemas in the worker’s districts.  The problem is that the city budget is showing a shortfall of 20 million roubles for the coming period because prices of materials have risen by 19% and city income by only 13%.  Therefore, an issue of premium bonds is proposed for sale to raise the necessary funding from the pockets of the population.  RABIS is exhorting its readers to buy the bonds.

Rabis 17 backThere is an amusing (for the modern reader) announcement at the foot of page 6:

The editors ask you to quickly inform them of all cases of contravention of productive labour discipline of workers, slapdash attitudes to their responsibilities, absenteeism, drunkenness, hooliganism in the workplace etc.

The back of this edition is an advertisement for the film ‘Lenin’s Address‘.  There is a remark by Lunacharski:  ‘The picture ‘Lenin’s Address’ is interesting and soft.  It is one of our best children’s films’

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Dimensions 18 x 26 cm