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Rabis 22 cover

RABIS – Journal of the Art Workers’ Union




Historical significance

No22 28/05/1929



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There is normally a picture on the cover of Rabis, however this issue has a special message from the Deputy People’s Commissar for Military and Naval forces and President of the Revolutionary – Military Soviet of the USSR.

…..The Revolutionary Military Soviet does not doubt that the congress of Art Workers taking place at the moment will note the paths for the further raising of the quality of its cultural supervisory work in order to ensure the increase of the cultural level of the Red Army masses to a higher level, fulfilling the tasks of military readiness of the Union of Art Workers – the trusted guardians of socialist construction of the USSR.

The facsimile signature is unattributed but is that of Josef Unszlicht – one of the infamous Bolsheviks who organised mass-murders and deportations of opponents in the immediate post-revolutionary years.  He was arrested during Stalin’s Great Terror and shot at Kommunarka, Moscow, in 1938.


Results of the 7th Cogress of RABIS

RABIS, the Union of Art Workers, was responsible for some social and political organisational work of its members, many of whom had little or no contact with the state since their work was not subject to the production norms established for other workers. 

Their congress stated:

Art (except cinema) is not in the five-year plan.  There is no domination of planning in art which would regulate the ‘anarchy’  of artistic production…………. To be on the pace, to be on top of the tasks of the age, to change one’s self and to change one’s staff, to face the ideological and production tasks of the union arising from the demands of the epoch of socialist reconstruction – that is the core of the 7th. Congress of our Union.

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