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Historical significance

No. 40  17/10/1930

Shockworkers of Art, organise a more challenging five-year plan!

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This issue is militant, demanding more political action from the members of the union.

There was growing pressure from above to include the theatre in the general industrial economy, and this issue reflects that tendency.


Excerpts from telegrams sent to Rabis in appreciation of its members’ work.

A general meeting of workers at mines 19/20 noted the huge work done by  a brigade from the Zamsoviet Theatre,  sent to help in the liquidation of production shortfalls, and asked that the brigade be sent twice per year.  The arrival of the brigade saw a percentage drop in shortfalls and with united forces they will be liquidated.  From the mine committee.

An artistic propaganda brigade of UMZP* pleased the staff of the Voikov Factory in Kerch 100 %. Do send them again. The third blast furnace producing 500 tpd of iron is commissioned.  From the factory committee.

After a concert by the No. 1 Variety Brigade, the miners produced forty wagons more than the norm.  Liquidating shortfall soon.  From the mine deputy

The workers of Nadezhdensky plant decided that the artistic propaganda team of the Bolshoi theatre should stay until the 10th of October please confirm – urgent.  From the Factory Committee

 *Управление московскими зрелищными предприятиями – the Directorate of Moscow Entertainment Companies


The Collective agreement  under the control of the masses!

The article is about the contractual work conditions of art workers. Each year a new collective agreement was signed, setting out the working conditions for the following year.

It states:  ‘The new collective agreements must offer significant space to an increase in real salary, (the establishment of closed canteens, buffets etc.)’  Clearly provision of access to food was a relevant concern.

A further article covers the activity of Moscow Theatres on ‘Shockworker’s Day’, a ‘celebration’ of over-production.

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