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Historical significance

No13 26/03/1929

This issue is about MOPRA, the International Communist Assistance Organisation.

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Strengthen MOPRA!

MOPRA was the International Organisation for the Assistance of Warriors of the Revolution, known as ‘International Red Aid’.  It’s aim was the support of socialist revolutionary convicts in hostile countries – i.e. everywhere else in the world.  It was a form of Bolshevik Amnesty International, although any foreign socialist fortunate enough to find himself freed and allowed to travel to the USSR to continue his revolutionary work would have been liquidated in the Terror of 1937-38.

The editorial happily states that 58 years previously, in the Paris Commune, more than 100,000 communards were killed and within the 3 years between 1925 and 28, over half a million revolutionaries were killed, many others wounded and arrested world-wide.  This is evidence of the escalating tempo of the world revolution.  These people need helping, and RABIS members should also join MOPR and help their fellow revolutionaries abroad.

‘All Rabis branches should look after political convicts in one of the foreign prisons that are packed with prisoners of the bourgeoisie.


Anti-Religious RABIS

page 3 states:

Rabis 13 p3 anti-religious

The 4th May is the Day of Anti-Religious Propaganda for all Rabis branches.  The editorial board asks that by the 20th April at the latest, material is to be provided showing your local situation.  (If religious superstitions are being superceded and if there is any success in this sphere among the specific groups of our Union)  It is also desirable to provide information on the local theatre’s repertoire for the Easter Days, (are there any anti-religious plays planned?)

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