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Rabis 16 cover

RABIS – Journal of the Art Workers’ Union




Historical significance

No.16 16/04/1929

Cover:  Otto Klemperer, the German conductor, who was on tour in the USSR.

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On the rails of Planning

Rabis 16 editorialThis article is an introduction for art workers to their future – as a planned medium of social manipulation.   Those at the top of the Union of Art Workers are saying they welcome the concept of planing in their ‘industry’, probably because they understood its inevitablity.

The artistic world is being brought to heel.  The increased control by the government will become the destruction of unregulated expression, and the harnessing of human creativity to pull along the cart of the Georgian little prince.

In a year, Mayakovsky will have killed himself and the rest left to consider their individual fates as they faced the manifestations they had helped create.

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Dimensions 18 x 36 cm