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Rabis 4 cover

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Historical significance

no. 4 22/01/1929

The Cover shows a sculpture of Lenin by V. Kozlov.  This is the sculpture of Lenin that today stands in front of the Smolny Institute in St. Petersburg.  Kozlov was the creator of the first statues of Lenin and also Stalin

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Editorial: 5 Years without Illich

This is a standard ‘Leninist’ article, full of mawkish memories – sycophantic, sugary remarks about the departed leader. However it contains the following sentence, showing Lenin’s attitude to art:

In the richest literary heritage of Vladimir Lenin, there is not one article directly devoted to art, but there is a range of articles dealing with ideological and social problems of art regarding one or another socio-political issue.

Lenin’s ambivalence to the arts outside of their potential political significance  saved these people and allowed them to develop until their lives and creativity were harvested by the ever-suspicious and jealous Dzhugashvili.

Artists in Worker’s Neighbourhoods

Rabis 4 page 8

Rabis 4 page 8

This article brings up a very important issue – the penetration of Stankovite art in the everyday life of the worker.  The organisers of several visual art exhibitions in Moscow approached their work without due attention – thoughtlessly and even sloppy.  This should be decisively condemned.  We welcome the exchange of opinions on themes highlighted in the article.

The article shows the ‘official’ view: That the Stankovite art is seen as being relevant to the proletariat, unlike its parallel movements: suprematism and constructivism.  

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