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sud idet 8

Sud Idet – Суд Идёт – Court is in Session -1926 №8




Historical significance

Complete edition – 53 pages

The Forgery Factory

A Killing because of Alimony

A Terrible Business

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Cover Design

Sud Idet benefits greatly from its superior covers.  This avant-garde collage/drawing is yet another fine example.


Examples of forged documents used to discredit the USSR

Examples of forged documents used to discredit the USSR

The leading article of this edition of Sud Idet is a 7-page discussion of the way in which ‘official’ Soviet documents are falsified by foreign powers in order to besmirch the reputation of the USSR.

Being charitable, we can say it is probably slightly exaggerated.  They name their main enemies in the spying game as Germany and Britain.  However, there were various quite serious spying scandals that occured during the 1920s.  One of them is documented at length in this edition of Ogonek from 1927.

It has been written elsewhere on this site that the Bolsheviks tend to criticise others for doing things of which they themselves are guilty.  One suspects they are at it again here.


There is an article about the murder of a peasant woman and her child by the father of the child.  He had been ordered to pay her alimony but refused, deciding that it would be better to kill them instead.  He threw their bodies in a river but was found out when footprints and a shoe heel were discovered near the river.  He was awaiting trial.



Another article describes the undoubtedly horrible but nevertheless grimly amusing story of a peasant called Peshkov and wife second wife, Anna. Peshkov enjoyed going out in the evening and playing the accordian.  Anna was greatly opposed to such behaviour and banned him from doing that.  He retaliated by pushing her down a well.  She survived and he got a sentence of 8 years.

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