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Don't Die of Cholera

Mayakovsky: 2 ROSTA windows




Historical significance

One side: What to do to avoid dying from Cholera

Other side:    Your only Workers’ Party

Published in the 1943 edition of V. V. Mayakovsky’s works.
These are ROSTA windows, an easily reproducible graphic and narrative that can be stencilled onto windows and walls. Public health information such as this during and after the civil war was important as the country was ravaged by disease.

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19 cm x 25 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

The graphic is delightfully simple and hard-hitting.  For the colour versions such as this, the cholera ‘bug’ is a sickly green  and is even given an aggressive face.  The contrasting red for the human characters makes the whole piece eye-catching.  The Russian narrative rhymes, mostly in couplets, to make it more memorable.  Here is a translation done by us: it tries to convey something of the ‘attitude’ of the original.

The fly carries the disease

The fly carries the disease

1. Dirt carries cholera
2. and raw fruit. Take action. Give it the boot!
3. Citizen! Don’t die from cholera, just learn how
4. to take this action – do it now:
5. Don’t drink tap water – it may be spoiled
6. Only drink – when its been boiled
7. Drink kvas on the street? – never again!
8. As boiling water’s such a pain
9. To get kvas on sale, to be the first
10. They use tap water to quench your thirst
11. Don’t eat raw fruit and vegetables – it’s in the soil
12. Wash with water – at the boil
13. If a fly whizzes in and lands with ease
14. Keep your food covered: they carry disease




and on the other side:

Your Only Workers’ Party is the Communists!

Anti-Menshevik propaganda

Anti-Menshevik propaganda

1. Comrades! Why are there

no Soviets yet in Europe and

the bourgeois is in power?

2. Because the workers

were held back by the

Menshevik – Reformers

3. That lot can promise the

world to a worker

but if you look closer

they are real friends of

the bourgeois.

4. Remember this,

Comrades! Your only

workers’ party is the



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Dimensions 19 x 25 cm