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lenin death poster
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Historical significance

Provenance: Private collection, chosen by the collectors, Russia
Published on 25 January 1924, only 200 of these posters were printed. This is the only one which we know has survived to the present day. The top right corner has the stamp of an archive.

This very rare piece is from the Russian Ural region. It was printed in Verkhneuralsk near Magnitogorsk.  It is a wall poster,displayed for public reading.

It announces the death of Lenin as communicated from Moscow in a series of telegrams.

200 Copies were printed in 1924

200 Copies were printed in 1924

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36 cm x 59 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

DEATH of LENIN News Poster

One of the highlights of the collection

It is slightly torn on lateral folds, rest good, integrity assured, very suitable for display.


Radio telegrams from Moscow

On the death of the great leader and teacher of the Communist Party, the leader of the worldwide proletariat and President of the Soviet of People’s Commissars, Vladimir Illich Ulyanov – LENIN

Radio telegram No.22

On the 21st of January at 6:50 in the evening, VLADIMIR ILLICH ULYANOV – LENIN died. Nothing indicated that death was imminent. In recent times the health of Vladimir Illich had significantly improved. Everyone was led to believe that his health would continue to get better.

Completely unexpectedly, yesterday the health of Vladimir Illich became distinctly worse and some hours later, Vladimir Illich died.

The All-Russian Congress of Soviets, meeting in Moscow and the forthcoming All-Union Congress will take the necessary decisions to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the Soviet Government.

Funeral Committee Named

Further telegrams go on to give the doctor’s report (with their names) and the naming of the funeral committee. Dzerzhinsky is the chairman of the committee and the membership includes Muralov, Poshchevich, Molotov, Zelenski and Enukidze.

Head of State Kalinin announces a day of national mourning and orders all theatres, cinemas and other places of entertainment be closed.

A general eulogy follows and then the news that all members of Comintern (the international communist movement) had been informed.

The by-line for that item is President of the Executive Committee of Comintern, Zinoviev.


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Dimensions 36 x 59 cm