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Smena - Stalin's death
Smena - Stalin's death - frontespieceSmena - Stalin's funeral

The Death of Stalin – SMENA No.5 1953




Historical significance

SMENA No.5 1953

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Frontispiece announcement:

On the 5th March at 9.50 pm, Iosef Vissarionovich Stalin, the President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, died after a serious illness.

The eternal name, Stalin, will always live on in the hearts of the Soviet People and of all progressive humanity.

Smena (‘The Shift’) has been published in the USSR and Russia since 1924. It was introduced as a socio-political bi-monthly magazine aimed at younger working people. In the avant-garde years it included significant artwork and poetry.

This edition, dedicated to the death of Stalin, contains articles entitled as follows:

‘On these mournful days’, with sub headings: ‘Stalin is with us’ ‘We bow our heads’ ‘Stalin lives in our hearts’ ‘The friend of peoples’ ‘He gave us freedom and happiness’

‘The final journey’

‘Funeral parade on Red Square 9th March 1953’, including a double-page photospread of the assembled mourners on top of the mausoleum, which now bears Stalin’s name in addition to that of Lenin. Atop the Mausoleum we see Georgiu-Dej (Romania), Bierut (Poland) Pak (N. Korea), Ulbricht (GDR) Dolores Ibarruri (Spain), Grotewohl (GDR), Chervenkov (Bulgaria), Rakoshi (Hungary), Nenni and Togliatti (Italy), Jaques Duclos (France), Gottwald (Czechoslovakia), Bulganin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Malenkov, Khrushchev, Beria, Saburov (USSR), Zhou Enlai (China), Pervukhin, Kaganovich and Schvernik (USSR).

The excerpt from Malenkov’s speech reads:

‘Comrades! The death of our leader and teacher, the Great Stalin, obliges all Soviet People to gather their strength to accomplish the grandiose tasks standing before the Soviet Nation, to increase their contribution to the general construction of a communist society, and the strengthening of the might and defensive readiness of our socialist homeland.

The workers of the Soviet Union see and know, that our mighty Motherland is moving to new successes. We have everything we need for the construction of a completely communist society.

With strong belief in our indomitable strengths and capabilities, the Soviet People will accomplish the great task of building communism. There are no forces in the world that can stop the march of Soviet society to communism!

Good bye, our teacher and leader, our dear friend, our own comrade Stalin! Forward on the path to complete accomplishment of the great task of Lenin and Stalin!

15 out of 24 pages are dedicated to the death of Stalin. This rare and fascinating piece is a valuable historical document.

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