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Lenin invitation
Lenin invitation - back

Lenin’s death anniversary – Invitation Card 1943




Historical significance

Proletariat of all countries, unite!

The soul of the great Lenin and his victorious
banner inspire us in the fatherland war
the same way it did 23 years ago.
Under the banner of LENIN – forward to victory!


Invitation Ticket

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10.5 cm x 7.5 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

Back cover:

Everything for the front, everything for Victory!

Respected comrades!

The Party committee, the local committee and the committee of the VLKSM NKPS invite you to an official mourning gathering, dedicated to the 19th anniversary of the death of


The gathering will take place on the 22nd. of January in the Large Meeting Hall of the NKPS at 19:30.

When Lenin died in 1924, The country was run by a group of three – Zinoviev, Kamenev and Stalin. They had joined together in 1922 to counter the power and popularity of Trotsky. The other prominent leaders – Bukharin and Rykov, opposed the group.

In obvious disregard of Lenin’s personal wishes, Stalin proposed that Lenin’s body be embalmed and placed in a special mausoleum. This elevated Lenin to the status of mystical genius, an infallible super-human. Stalin then forced himself into the position of Lenin’s natural successor and ‘inheritor of his wisdom’. He achieved this by managing Lenin’s posthumous cult, and taking every opportunity to identify himself with the dead leader. This justified his own ruthless manipulation of the exhausted and impoverished population and the ultimate removal of all his former colleagues, whether or not they supported him. In the name of Lenin, Stalin had Trotsky, Bukharin, Rykov, Zinoviev and Kamenev murdered, along with innumerable ‘ordinary’ people.

This invitation card is a very rare and personal relic of the cult of Lenin’s personality – created by Stalin – that allowed the latter to betray and eventually destroy the revolutionary effort that had allowed his rise to power. It was printed in 1943. Stalin was still using his now very tenuous link with Lenin and Leninism to somehow explain his position and his own uniquely destructive illness.

*note – VLKSM NKPS stands for ‘All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union (‘Komsomol’) of the National Commissariat of the Means of Communication’. This means the invitation was for a gathering of young people to mourn Lenin.

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Dimensions 10.5 x 7.5 cm