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ogonek lenins death anniversary cover

Ogonek – 1925 Lenin’s Death – First Anniversary




Historical significance

No.4 1925, full edition

The cover of this edition is extraordinary. The caption reads

‘V. I. LENIN, SIX YEARS OLD’ – A highly rare photograph, taken in Simbirsk and printed for the first time in ‘Ogonek’

Then in small letters to the right: Reproduction of Peter Otsu..(illegible)little octobrists badge

This image of the young Lenin is the basis of the badge of the ‘Little Octobrists’, the communist youth movement for 6-9 year olds. (right)

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Ogonek and Lenin



The popular news magazine naturally produced a special edition to commemorate the first anniversary of Lenin’s death.  There are many, varied articles about him and some excellent photographs.  The cover shows the young Ulyanov (later to become know as ‘Lenin’) in a particularly serious pose, resting his arm on some books giving a generally studious atmosphere. His face looks rather old for a young boy of even 6.  His family was clearly quite rich, since studio portrait photography in the hinterland of Russia in the 1870s cannot have been a cheap pleasure.

Stalin ascending

stalin first meeting with leninThe most striking item in this edition is an article by Stalin entitled ‘The First Meeting with Lenin’, in which he describes the history of his early encounters with the soon-to-be holy figure.

However,  this article was not written for publication in Ogonek at all. It is in fact part of the text of a speech Stalin gave to a Memorial Meeting of the Kremlin Military School on January 28th. of the previous year.  There is no reference to this at all, and the article is presented as though written by Stalin especially for this issue.  It even bears his signature.  

The full text of the original speech is available in English here at the Marxist Internet Archive.  It is famous for its use of the phrase ‘The Mountian Eagle of the Party’ to describe Lenin.  Stalin was keen to be singled out as the true heir of Lenin’s genius and finding original ways to deify Illich was part of the plan.


oronek lenins death days of mourning

These are scenes from the lying-in-state and funeral of Lenin the previous year.   The captions read:

1 and 2: The Farewell Artillery Salute at 4pm. on 27/1 /1924

3. Queues of people wanting to say goodbye to the body of the great leader

4. They are getting warm as they wait for their turn to enter the House of Unions


5.The construction of the tomb on Red Square

6. The first workers’ delegations


Advertisement for a labour camp

kriukovskaya factory - labour colony

This splendid avant-garde  advertisement appears inside the back cover.  It says:

Kriukovskaya Factory-Labour Colony

Brick Factories, Soap Factory, Wood Cutting Factory, Mill


Wholesale – at our factory or delivered to buyer’s store

Main office: Oktyabr Railway, Kriukovo Station.

Department: Moscow, Furkasovski 8

The only things that is not splendid about it is that this was a labour camp .  It still is, in fact.  It is in the North-Western Moscow suburb of  Zelenograd, nearby the railway.  Today there are two prisons on the site:  Колония-поселение №2 (Lower category prison) and СИЗО-12 (Remand prison).  The factories advertised above have been replaced with the production of:  Reinforced concrete, interior doors, and polystyrene.  The prisoners also (reportedly) unload railway wagons of stone ballast, put together plastic flowers for funeral wreaths and keep sheep, chickens and hens.





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