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Exhibition Poster for Josef Koudelka

Exhibition Poster: Josef Koudelka




Historical significance

National Museum of Contemporary Art Annex

Bucharest 2014

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Josef Koudelka (Czech – born 1938) is one of the great photographers. He is a member of the world-famous Magnum Agency and widely acknowledged. His work is widely exhibited all over the world.

In 1968 Koudelka photographed the Prague Spring uprising. His images have become emblematic not only of the eventual defeat of Soviet hegemony in the West, but also of the struggle of the weak against the mighty. In understanding and capturing the far-reaching symbolism of a snapshot scene, Koudelka is witness, artist, historian and philosopher.

The poster is advertising the 2013-2014 Koudelka exhibition at the MNAC Annex in Bucharest. The Annex is a disused industrial building that harmonises perfectly with the work.

The Prague Spring was crushed by the Warsaw Pact countries. However, Romania refused to participate and this led to Nicolae Ceaușescu becoming highly popular not only in his native country but also in Western countries.

The MNAC Annex, 2014


For the exhibition, a Romanian artillery piece was positioned outside the entrance. On it a plaque was placed, with a message from the Czech people:

This Romanian Army gun
did not participate in the
invasion of Czechoslovakia.
We thank you, Romania!


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Dimensions 42 x 59 cm