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Invasion of Prague 1968 – The Anonymous Czech Photographer Josef Koudelka
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Invasion of Prague 1968 – The Anonymous Czech Photographer Josef Koudelka




Historical significance

Book, 295 pages

Romanian edition

This is a rare edition, published in 2013 by Editura ART in Bucharest.

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During those 7 days in August 1968 when the member countries of the Warsaw Pact invaded Czechoslovakia, Josef Koudelka, then 30 years old took a series of photographs that he subsequently managed to get out of the country. His photographs were published by Magnum Photos Agency in 1969 in numerous international magazines on the first anniversary of the invasion, without mention of the identity of the photographer. The same year, Koudelka received an important prize; The Overseas Press Club awarded ‘The Anonymous Czech Photographer’ the Robert Kappa Gold Medal. Only after 1984, after the death of his father, when the threat of reprisals against his family had gone, did Koudelka admit in public for the first time that he was the photographer.

Josef Koudelka, one of the most important contemporary photographers in the world, looked back through his archives after 40 years and chose for this book 249 photos, the majority of which have never been previously published. The book also contains the text of official communications, the voices of ordinary people and a study of the events of August 1968.

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Dimensions 24.5 x 32 cm