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realitatea illustrata 28 may 1931

Realitatea Illustrata 1931- Prince Nicolae of Romania




Historical significance

Young Hawk: M.P.V. Coanda leading the Scouts at the 10th. May parade.

Young Hawk: M.P.V. Coanda leading the Scouts at the 10th. May parade.

No. 226 May 1931

Complete, 31 pages, colour

Modernist Cover photograph

Extraordinary crypto-fascist rear cover


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The Decadent Decline

The cover of this issue of Realitatea Illustrata, the popular Romanian magazine, shows Prince Nicolae, who had formerly been co-ruler of Romania in the Regency Council along with a politican and a high church official.  Nicolae was 28 in 1931 and had thankfully handed over his duties to his brother, Carol, who had previously renounced his right of accesion.  Nicolae was a man of the times – he enjoyed fast cars, aviation and had an eventful social and marital life.   His hedonistic lifestyle was symptomatic of the decline of the idle rich in Western Europe.  The future Edward VIII and his brother were leading the descent in the UK.  Nicolae fell out with his brother, the King, because of his insistence in marrying a divorcee (all rather de rigueur for the time).  He was stripped of his royal titles and had to content himself with motor racing and living in Switzerland.  He died in 1978.

Signs of the times

Centre Pages

Centre Pages

The centre spread of the magazine is a collage of contemporary newsworthy snippets:  

Top left:  Troops at Versailles on election day for the French President.  

Top right: Spanish Republican soldiers around a Monastery defending it against insurgents.

Middle left:  An Egyptian Train after a fatal fire

Centre: Maud Ederle, only female competitor in the recent Lake Garda speedboat race.

Bottom left:  World boxing champion, Max Schmelling, animal lover, feeding a pet squirrel

Bottom middle: Mussolini, Italian dictator, learned to drive a car, which became his favourite daily sport.

Bottom right:  The famous English novelist, Edgar Wallace, author of the most famous modern adventure novels, is rather overly sentimental when it’s a matter of his grand daughters.

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