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srealitatea illustrata 22 July 1936

Realitatea Illustrata 1936 – Edward VIII Murder Attempt




Historical significance

July 1936

Complete Edition, 15 pages

Dramatic Cover Photo

Attempt on the life of British King

Romania in the Summer

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Pictures from London

The dominant story in this summer edition of the popular Romanian journal, Realitatea Illustrata, is that of a feeble attempt to assassinate the uncrowned King of Great Britain, Edward VIII.  The cover shows the failed assassin immediately after his arrest being led away by policemen.  He is not very well-dressed but at least put on a tie for the occasion.

The front cover carries the caption, ‘Last week an attempt on the life of King Edward VIII of England was made, when the Sovereign was returning on horseback from Trooping the Colour. Our photograph shows the face of the would-be assassin, Patrick McMahone* at the moment of his arrest.’

Later on, a pictorial report inside the magazine says:  ‘we are publishing these three photographs that were sent to us by plane from London.  They were shot on the morning of the attempt on the life of the King Edward and show:  The King on a horse, The King followed by his escort a few seconds before the attempt, and the arrest of the suspect.

*The man’s name was in fact George McMahon – for some unknown reason it’s miss-recorded here.

Hot Summer

srealitatea summers dayIt seems that summer 1936 was very hot in Romania.  Probably, like everywhere else in Europe, nothing much happens in the summer so the press resorts to writing about the weather.  However its a charming set of photographs from the streets of Bucharest: Top, left to right

The driver, boiling all day in the hot sun at the station, cools down with cold water from the little water-seller.

Having no customers, the shoe shine man fell asleep in the shade.

Every summer, you hear at every corner the repetitive shouting of gypsy women: ‘corn on the cob!’

A sargant on duty in a colonial hat, protecting him from the hot sun, allows himself the luxury of an ice cream from the mobile seller.

The little rascal fell asleep on a park bench – he doesn’t care about anything, not even the sun.

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