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ekran cover

Ekran – Экран – 1928




Historical significance

Inside back cover

Inside back cover

No.21, May 1928


Complete issue, 15 pages


With Cover of next issue, No.22 at back

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22 cm x 30 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

Two Covers

The front cover of this issue is a photograph of a Red Army cavalry soldier.  He carries a rifle, sabre and lance.

After the last page is the front cover of the next issue, no.22.  It was probably kept in a binder with issue 21 and over time became joined to it.  The picture is a superb example of the ‘sports’ cult of the 1920s and 30s and is entitled ‘A Physical Culture Dance’ and is perfect for framing.

First of May Celebrations

The frontispiece of this issue contains reportage from around Europe on the first of May.



Top right: Brussels, a demonstration passes along the road

Centre left: Berlin.  Thousands of German workers celebrated their day.  All the factories of the Berlin region went on strike on the first of May.

Centre right: Paris: Demonstrations are banned this year.  Police posts, established on the streets are ready for action

Bottom left: Leningrad.  May holidays – the powerful and joyful demonstration of our strength.  Up to 750,000 Leningraders participated in their holiday.  In the picture – a demonstration on 25 October Prospekt.

Bottom right: In spite of the measures taken by the French government to avoid lost working time, over 100,000 Parisian workers went on strike at the factories.  In the picture: a meeting of workers at the Renault works.

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Dimensions 22 x 30 cm