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German Titov, cosmonaut

Picture of German Titov, Cosmonaut




Historical significance

Printed Paper, 1973
Provenance: Purchased by the seller, Moscow 1988

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Titov was an extraordinary man, perhaps even more than Gagarin. His cv reads like that of a fictional hero:

  • Youngest person in Space (stil valid)
  • Second Russian cosmonaut in Space – August 6th, 1961
  • Second person to orbit the earth (17 orbits – Gagarin did 1 orbit)
  • First ever pilot of a space craft (the others did not control their ships)
  • Second man in space in high orbit
  • First person to spend more than a day in space (Gagarin had done 108 minutes)
  • First person to sleep in space
  • Test pilot of first space plane program
  • Member of Russian parliament (not USSR)

Cosmonauts were publicly celebrated in the USSR as symbols of Soviet success. Titov was one of the ‘golden boys’ of the USSR – so valuable, that when Gagarin was killed in an accident, Titov was no longer allowed to work as a test pilot, in case the country lost its other heroic cosmonaut.

There is a Russian ‘popular folk rumour’ that Titov was picked to be the first man in space but then the authorities chose Gagarin instead – because Titov’s name was ‘German’ and thus not sufficiently ‘Soviet’. I have seen absolutely no evidence to support this somewhat preposterous claim.

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Dimensions 32 x 44 cm