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sbegemot 1928

Hippopotamus – Бегемот – 1928




Historical significance

№ 14, April 1928

Complete, 11 pages

A rare copy from its last year of publication

Cover very suitable for framing

Back cover

Back cover

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26 cm x 33 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

Hippopotamus – Бегемот

Hippopotamus – Бегемот was a satirical magazine published by the ‘Krasnaya Gazeta’ (Red Newspaper) works from 1924 to 1928, when it was merged with the ‘Pushka’ (Canon) magazine (under the latter’s name) for a year.  ‘Pushka’ was re-titled ‘Revizor’ (The Inspector) in 1929 and was closed down in 1930.  It was ostensibly a victim of the paper shortage and the rationalisation of the printing industry but the motive for the closure of many journals and magazines was the ‘coronation’ of Stalin as supreme leader in 1929 on the occasion of his 50th. birthday.  After that, expression of public discontent even in the form of satire was increasingly removed from society.  ‘Satire’ continued as a state-approved medium, mostly aimed at the enemies of the government, Party or country.

The Cover

(pictured above)…..shows a state official, in medals and pince-nez, throwing ‘decrees’ and other government orders onto the ploughed field.  Above the cartoon:  ‘Bureaucracy and red-tape at the economic institutions are slowing down the sowing campaign in the regions. (from the papers)’.   The caption reads:  The sower went out to sow.


This cartoon pokes fun at long-winded bureaucrats and the effect their speeches has on the general population.  It is entitled, ‘An Easy Mistake’ and the caption reads:

- That really is a good hypnotist!  Everyone went to sleep straight away!

- Er, er, he’s not a hypnotist, he’s reading a report!

sbegemot 1928 an easy mistake

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Dimensions 26 x 33 cm