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history of the Russian Communist Party 1926
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History of the All-Russia Communist Party (Bolsheviks) First Edition 1926




Historical significance




Edited by E. Yaroslavsky

Complete, 394 pages of text

46 Single, double or triple page fold-out plates

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This extremely rare book was published with plates (shown above) copied directly from the constructivist-style display of the Museum of the Revolution in Moscow.

Main chapter headings:

  • The Era of Revolutionary Nationalism (1860-70s)
  • Workers’ Movements in the Nationalist Era
  • Factual History of the Russian Social-Democtratic Labour Party from the group ‘Liberation of Labour’
  • Struggle for the Idealogical and Political hegemony of the Proletariat in Russia
  • “Ekonomism” and “Iskra”.  The formation of the Russian Social-Democratic Party
  • The Second Party Congress
  • The Struggle the Organisational Opportunism of the Mensheviks.  Sources of Trotskyism

Emilian Yaroslavsky (click here for further details about him) was given the task of compiling the first comprehensive history of the Party in 1924 when Lenin died.  The result was their ‘Volume 1′, (this edition), which takes the history of the party from the many seperate revolutionary groups of the 1860s all the way to the split with the Mensheviks.  The next volume was to include the Revolutions and the Civil War.

The Troika writes History against Trotsky

When Lenin died, the Party and the Government were controlled by a so-called ‘troika’, consisting of Stalin, (recently appointed General Secretary and thus responsible for personnel decisions via the Orgburo headed by Kaganovich), Zinoviev and Kamenev.  They were able to propagandise their policies via Pravda, which was edited by fellow Politburo member, N. I. Bukharin.  They were all opposed to Trotsky.  This history was written to serve their purposes.  It is scathing of Trotsky, accusing him of blasphemy – i.e. having criticised and insulted Lenin:

“Trotsky comes blazing down on Lenin’s advocacy of the necessity for strict party discipline:  “Nothing can be sadder than the figure of the ‘Leader’ attempting to reconcile diametrically opposed positions of oppositionists by repeating the word ‘discipline’”, he throws at V. I. Lenin………Recently, arguing with Lenin about the amateurishness of ‘Economists’, Trotsky puts forth an ‘annihilatory’ critique of the Leninist plan for the construction of a centralised Party’

Later on this history would be overtaken by one completely controlled by Stalin: the 1938 ‘History of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks): Short Course’.  That book sold about 50,000,000 copies.  It was denounced in 1956 and a ‘new’ history of the Communist Party commissioned.  It appeared in 1962.

There is some discolouration of this book, probably due to moisture damage.  It has been annotated in part in pencil and pen.  A few of the large plates have slight tears in them, but in general condition is good and the plates are perfectly acceptable for framing and display.

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Dimensions 17 x 26 cm