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izvestia 50th anniversary

Izvestia 50th Anniversary special issue




Historical significance

izvestia 50th anniversary insideCover/container with 30 folded inserts

Outer specially printed, bound and embossed cover and 30 miniature, complete facsimile copies of Izvestia, commemorating 50 years of the paper.

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15 cm x 22 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

Izvestia at 50

This piece is very rare.  It is a valuable document of 50 years of the look and content of the Soviet press.  It is rare that a publication in the USSR was printed without a price being shown on its cover.  All books, journals, periodicals and papers fulfilled a legal obligation to mention the name and place of publication, the year, number of copies and selling price.  No such information is printed anywhere on this special collection.  It may,  therefore, have been printed as a gift for officials and never offered for sale to the general public.

Izvestia (‘The News’) was founded in 1917 in Russia as the public reporting medium of the council of worker’s deputies. Izvestia was one of the biggest-selling two newspapers of the USSR – the other being Pravda (‘The Truth’).

We have not seen another example of this offered for sale anywhere in recent years.

Three of the facsimile editions

Three of the facsimile editions

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Dimensions 15 x 22 cm