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Kommunar, framed





Historical significance

Kоммунар (Communard), Russian communist newspaper
Printed in Moscow, Russia, May 20th, 1919, No 107
This newspaper was published 6 times a week
4 pages
Complete issue, with few defects

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33 cm x 48 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

An excellent and very rare edition of a vanished revolutionary newspaper.  This edition is dedicated to the battle against the counter revolution.

Красный Питер в опасности!
Англо-французские разбойники. фино-эстонские мясники атакуют его.
Но российские пролетарии не отдадут палачам народа красной столицы мировой революции.
Питер останется центром мирового комунизма. Питер победит смертельных врагов революции!


Red Peter* in danger!
English and French robbers, Finnish and Estonian butchers attack.
But Russian proletarians will not give up red capital city of world revolution to the executioners of the people
Peter will remain the world centre of communism. Peter will win over the murderous enemies of revolution!
Long live the Petrograd Commune.
Long live the peaceful uprising of the proletariat.

*Peter is the ‘nickname’ of St. Petersburg (Petrograd) in Russian.

Selected other articles:

Page 1

‘At the Red Front’,  ‘In liberated areas’,  ‘Open theft’

Page 2

‘Strengthening the revolution in the Ukraine’,  ‘Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Soviet’

Page 3

‘Working life’,  ‘Red Youth’

Page 4

‘Around Moscow’ – includes a notice posted by Yenukidze as Secretary of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. (This position was similar to chief of the civil service). He was arrested during the Great Terror and shot in 1937.

Here is Yenukidze (bottom right) before his arrest:


And now, the same photo, with Yenkidze ‘removed’ by Government censors:

Yenukidze removed

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Dimensions 33 x 48 cm