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krasnaya niva 1928 front

Krasnaya Niva – Красная Нива – 1929




Historical significance

Inside back cover

Inside back cover

No.44 October 1929

Complete, 24 pages

Cover by Anisimov


Catch up and Overtake!

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Krasnaya Niva – ‘Baikal Hunters’

The cover of this issue looks like a lino-cut by the artist Vasilli Ivanovich Ansimov.  It employs simple blocks of colour to give an impression of the endless mountains, with the still significant hunters in the foreground, by their camp fire.  Ansimov was born in Irkutsk and specialised in depicting the surrounding natural scenes.  This one is called ‘Baikal Hunters’.

Industrial scene

On the Way Up

On the Way Up

The frontispiece is a charcoal sketch of what appears to be the overground works of a coal mine.  It features familiar devices and symbols of Soviet indusrialistation – cog wheels, chains, toiling individuals.  This one also makes a pleasant reference to aviation – one can just see two planes flying past in the top left.  The artist is E. Rikalova and the piece is entitled ‘On the Way Up’, from the cycle, ‘The Way of October’. 

Catch up and Overtake

krasnaya niva 1928 catch up and overtake_0001”At exactly 5 on the 10th. October, on their ‘own’ locomotive, accompanying ‘their’ squadron, they arrived in Moscow.  

Workers of the Lugansk October Revolution Machine-Building Factory had a very difficult task to fulfil last year, almost ‘impossible’, as doubters and opportunistic wreckers would have us believe.

‘Nothing is impossible’, the workers decided, ‘We will do it.  We will fulfill the plan.  We will catch up, we will overtake’.”

The article then drones on about how the workers fulfilled the plan, and not only this factory group but also railway workers and miners.  It concludes that this is ‘The echelon of socialist competition, the echelon of workers’ enthusiasm’.

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Dimensions 21 x 31 cm