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Ogonek August 1950 – Textbooks




Historical significance

Happy Chinese Performers

Happy Chinese Performers

Full edition.

This issue of the popular ‘lightweight’ magazine is full of articles about heavy industry and pictures of happy Chinese performers.  It was during the period of closeness to

the Mao regime in China since the Korean War was being fought and the USSR and China were about to participate in it.

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The most interesting part is the frontispiece, which has the following caption:



Textbooks are ready

N. F. Lobanova in action

In the binding shop of the Moscow publishing house ‘Red Proletarian’, the same thing had been worked on by the other departments – printing, typesetting, composing and stitching.
- How are the texbooks?, they ask
- They are in process, at full speed. We will have finished them by nightfall.
- Make sure of it – tomorrow is the last day
The binders are finishing the complicated and lengthy process of making books. That’s why the entire workforce of ‘Red Proletarian’ is so acutely interested in the successes of the binding shop.
The production of textbooks is a noble and important task. The typographic workers took on board their socialist duty – to produce the textbooks early. About 93 million pages passed through their hands. Geography, Russian language, mathematics, history, literature……The printers V. N. Loginov and T. G. Yakovlev worked in an excellent manner and the young communist brigade of the stitcher M.S. Nikitenko, in Stakhanovite fashion. Now it’s the turn of the binders.
The shop-floor workers did everything to fulfil the duty and to produce the books on time to be distributed to the schools for the new academic year. The cover-cutting machine, new to the Soviet printing industry, didn’t stop for a minute. It makes up to 10,000 hard covers for the binders. To speed up production, ‘Red Proletarian’ designed and constructed a machine for the drying of bindings under high – frequency current.
On the 1st. of September millions of Soviet children, behind their desks – in an Ural village or Uzbek town, in a Moscow or Murmansk school, will be opening the latest textbooks, whose last pages are marked with the modest and soft inscription ‘Printed in the 3rd. Typographical works ‘Red Proletarian’.
The binding department is the end of the book production process. In the picture, binder N. F. Lobanova at work.
This rather odd article is pointing out that the paper shortage of previous years is now over and that finally the schools will have textbooks. The paper shortage had not stopped the constant apparition in print of Lenin, Stalin, Marx and other notables. Their works were more important than schoolbooks.

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