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Save cement!
Save cement!, framed

Save Cement!




Historical significance

Poster 1982: ‘Save Cement!’
Artist: B. Reshetnikov

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48 cm x 66 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

The poster says:

If every builder saved 1kg of cement per shift, the country would gain 50 1000m2 apartment blocks.

The beginning of the short Andropov era (1982-4) was characterised by the new General Secretary taking action against the inactivity and waste of the Brezhnev years. He dismissed ministers and broke up their power bases. He encouraged debate about the shortcomings of the USSR and was an important precursor to the Gorbachev policies of Perestroika and Glasnost.

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Dimensions 48 x 66 cm