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Sem Dnei – Seven Days 1928




Historical significance

sem dnei inside photo16th. November 1928

19 pages, complete edition

Sem Dnei was a supplement to ‘Pravda Vostoka’ or ‘The Truth of the East’, a regional edition of Pravda published in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  It was the official publication of the Uzbekistan Communist Party.  The paper is still published today.

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Life far from Moscow in 1928

The supplement became well-known for its publication of photographs of the local conditions and events in Uzbekistan.  This edition features an excellent cover photograph of a propaganda truck issuing news to the mostly illiterate population.  The frontispiece depicts a ‘celebration’ of peasants who have been allocated land during the’ reforms’.

The Apes of God

sem dnei p15
There is a beautifully subtle piece of editorship on page 15,which is listing short curiosities from around the world. In this column of photographs, from top to bottom, the captions read: (scroll down)



‘New President of the USA – Hoover’









‘Smith – also wanted to be President, but Hoover was richer and beat him’








‘The Pride of London Zoo – The ape, Jack, the most intelligent and developed of all apes in European Zoos.’


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