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Architecture Abroad – Архитектура за рубежом -1935




Historical significance

No.2, 1935

Complete Edition, 48 pages

Fully illustrated

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This USSR publication was intended to show the way in which foreign architecture could influence Soviet styles.  It is a serious publication, showing some of the major architectural achievements of other countries.  Given the USSR’s antipathy towards the West, it is extraordinary that the cover of this publication features the Rockefeller Centre, New York.  The inclusion of extensive pictures and comment on the competition to build Mussolini’s H.Q. in Rome is also fascinating.

This issue includes:

Apartment Complex ‘La Muette’ at Dransy, France

The Turkish President’s Palace, Ankara

The Stockholm Concert Hall

Headquarters of the Royal Institute of British Architects, London

Competition to build the Palazzo del Littorio (Fascist Party Headquarters), Rome

The Rockerfeller Centre, New York

Empire Pool, Wembley

La Muette Drancy

La Muette Drancy

Stockholm Concert Hall

Stockholm Concert Hall

RIBA, London

RIBA, London

Rockerfeller Centre New York

Rockerfeller Centre New York

Empire Pool London

Empire Pool London

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Dimensions 25 x 29 cm