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svkhutems pavillion architecture poster

VKhUTEMAS Gallery Exhibition Poster 2013




Historical significance

A very rare contemporary poster in the constructivist style

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59 cm x 85 cm | Free worldwide delivery (unframed). If you want to buy this framed please contact us.

The Time Pavillion

As part of its ‘My Melnikov’ celebration, the VKhUTEMAS Gallery in Moscow hosted a competition of exhibition pavilion design in autumn 2013.

Melnikov's 1925 Pavillion (model)

Melnikov’s 1925 Pavillion (model)

The tradition of innovation in temporary building design for specific purposes in modern times began with the extraordinary success of those of Konstantin Melnikov in the 1920s, including the famous pavilion in the Paris exhibition of 1925, for which he was awarded first prize.  The current competition specified that entries be made of wood to reflect the connection with the 1920s, when few alternative materials were available for such buildings.

The exhibition poster, of which almost none remain available, refers to the constructivist style and reflects elements of Melnikov’s 1925 design and accentuates the wood as its basic material.

Details of the competition can been found in the VKhUTEMAS Gallery archive, here.

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Dimensions 59 x 85 cm